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Physician Billing Management

Physician Billing Services by Gateway are aimed at providing effective medical practice management solutions for physicians and leading healthcare centers out there. Our clients include private physician practitioners and hospital-based groups of physicians specializing in different medical fields including Cardiology, Anesthesiology, Neurology, Radiology, Urology, and so more. Our professional range of Physician Billing Services solutions provides customized services including billing, contracting, coding, and credentialing.

  • Account Management: We have a team of highly experienced account managers helping your medical organization with profitable and sustainable Physician Billing Services solutions.

  • Medical Billing: Physician Billing Services is a professional range of medical billing & collection services providing billing solutions for physicians and medical practitioners all around.

  • Medical Coding: Our medical coding professionals are highly experienced at reviewing codes provided to them towards ensuring that the same are billed accurately.

  • Accounts Receivable Management: Physician Billing Services or Physician Billing Services are aimed at taking away the burden of addressing overdue claims towards providing the patients with an accurate balance due statement as well as collections.

  • Claims Settlement: When you allow us to manage the claims, the medical practice team of your organization can focus on the services to the patients. Our ultimate goal is to offer the highest returns on the respective claims with a relevant patient support.

  • Best Practices for Account Receivables: PBS -Physician Billing Services take away the burden of addressing overdue claims while providing the patients with proper balance due statements as well as collections without any hassles.

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