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Recorded and Upcoming Webinars

Welcome to our Webinar page. Below you will find recorded and upcoming webinars, on topics that will assist you in your everyday operations. Please keep in mind that our content is proprietary and that distribution or selling of our content is strictly prohibited, and will be punishable by law.


Increase Revenue, Decrease Hospitalization & Improve Outcomes

On Demand Recording

from October 19th, 2021

Co-Sponsored by Seniors Home Services. Keeping your patients safe and providing HHA's revenue


Telehealth vs Tele-risk


On Demand Recording

from October 27th, 2020

Co-Sponorsed by Connected Home Living. A Tele-Health Industry Leader.


ADRs: Risk and Response


On Demand Recording

from November 18th, 2020

Co-Sponsored by HomeCare2Go. Connecting people to verified care providers.

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