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Axxess is the fastest-growing home healthcare technology company, providing solutions that improve care for more than 2 million patients in North America and are trusted by more than 7,000 organizations. Axxess offers a complete suite of easy-to-use, innovative software solutions, empowering home health, home care and hospice providers to grow their business while making lives better. The company's collaborative culture focused on innovation and excellence is recognized nationally as a “Best Place to Work.”


Partner with Zing for cutting-edge technology to serve your clients even better.

This outstanding neuro-program will radically change the lives of your clients with autism, tantrums, learning difficulties, hyperactivity & obsessive behavior. And secure your stake in the fastest growing health trend online.

Managing stress is not just about coping mechanisms; it’s about mastering your mental strength. Whether it is stress from daily life, work or a trauma, CereMind has the ability to increase mental strength and create a calmer mind.

Cognitive enhancement is a lifelong journey. Whether you're a student, a business professional, or a retiree, our program offers the tools to harness your brain's full potential

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Joseph R. Kenny ,CPA, CMA - has over 27 years experience preparing and filing thousands of Medicare and Medicaid cost reports.
We prepare cost reports on a accurate and reliable basis so management can use the information to analyze deviations from the standards of the industry.


Seniors Home Services Inc, is a one-stop solution for seniors and their families, enabling them to obtain the guidance, and the products and services, that make it possible for seniors to remain safely and comfortably in their homes for as long as possible.

As primary caretakers for their own senior family members and neighbors, our founders experienced first hand how lack of knowledge regarding best practices along with inability to obtain the right products and services, can result in poor quality of life for older adults, along with much anxiety for family members.

Our goal is to be a comprehensive solution for seniors, allowing family members the peace of mind knowing their loved ones are safe, secure, and comfortable.

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Our purpose is to partner with the healthcare community to deliver versatile, yet holistic, end-to-end shared-service and technology solutions, bridging the gaps between agency financial success, quality patient care, and overall compliance. Every Agency has their unique challenges; Billing Department offers a full analysis and design of services and pivots to meet any need with our portfolio of end-to-end solutions and professional partnerships.

"Value Through Partnership"

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