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ICD-10 Coding For Home Health or Hospice
OASIS and HIS Quality Assurance

Medical coding is a major task for all homecare organizations. Matching Physician and or referral diagnoses with the correct codes can be challenging. Moreover, frequent changes in coding requirements cause further complications that affect your claims.

How do you ensure accuracy, eliminate risks, and give your organization a fighting chance? Our team of reviewers provide agencies with the highest level of quality. Not only do our agencies benefit with the highest reimbursement possible under the current PDGM system.


“$340,000,000.00 of Medicare funds are left behind by small agencies because of less than optimal OASIS and Coding compliance” - Centers for Medicare and Medicaid

  • Turn Around Time within 24-48 Hours.

  • There is no additional Software or Systems that could slow you down.

  • Create a foundation that supports Eligibility and Coverage guidelines.

  • Eliminate coding errors to minimize denials, and claims returned to provider.

  • Industry’s highest accuracy rating at the most affordable cost.

  • No hidden or monthly fees, you only pay for what we do.

  • Maximize and appropriately score Assessment items that drive revenue.

  • Certified Coders and Reviewers with Wide-ranging experience in the Home Health and Hospice industry.

  • Dedicated Coding Manager and Quality Assurance Staff.

  • We follow the Agency's existing communication and workflow policies

Levels of Service offered for Home Health Providers

“Coding Only”

Each assessment is reviewed for the sole purpose of applying ICD-10 Codes that are relevant, appropriate, compliant and to the level of most specificity based on clinical documentation from the assessing clinician, discharge facility, and/or Physician.


“Coding & OASIS Quality Assurance”

In this level of service Gateway will address Diagnosis Coding, ALL OASIS items, and any relevant documentation throughout the comprehensive assessment.


“Coding, OASIS QA & Plan of Treatment”

The Plan of Treatment will be reviewed for inconsistencies between clinical narratives found within any referral documentation, Physician orders and comprehensive assessments. Recommendations are provided to adjust the plan of treatment for the sole purpose of delivering more appropriate services throughout the patient’s episode of care.


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