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The Medicare Home Health Cost Report (90 minutes)

During this presentation, we will review the data/information required to properly complete this form (CMS Form 1728-94) by worksheet series (i.e., S, A, B, C, D & F). We will also discuss some of the regulatory requirements to properly complete the Medicare Cost Report (MCR). We will also identify various pieces of data, information, and benchmarks available via your own MCR; much of which is mistakenly overlooked and/or misunderstood, which, when properly used can help you to improve your overall understanding and financial results going forward. The MCR can be a steppingstone to improving your ability to succeed in home health.


After this presentation, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify their costs per visit (CPVs) by discipline as calculated by the MCR.

  • Explain why their CPVs should be calculated more frequently than once a year.

  • Differentiate between identified strengths and weaknesses of the MCR.

  • Report what their profit margins are for their Medicare and non-Medicare lines of business.

  • Discuss their operational results as identified by their MCR.

  • Critique the value of their current operational analyses to enable the agency to achieve maximum profitability.

The Medicare HH Cost Report

  • Zip file of the recorded PowerPoint presentation and pdf slides

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