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Welcoming an MVP

You may be seeing a new name & face around Gateway. It is with great pleasure that we introduce to you our newest ADR and Appeals Specialist, Joe Osentoski

Joe Osentoski, BAS, RN-BC

ADR and Appeals Division

Joe specializes in additional documentation request (ADR) responses and appeals. As a registered nurse for more than twenty-five years, his career has included clinical consulting in home health and hospice specializing in clinical quality assurance and regulatory compliance. He also has extensive experience with all types of Medicare audits and probes from the variety of Medicare contractors. He is a contributor to industry newsletters Home Health Line and Eli’s Home Care Week. Joe is also author of the book The ADRs and Appeals Handbook, First Edition, from Decision Health. Joe has completed over 5,000 ADRs in home care and hospice, filed thousands of appeals and has attended hundreds of Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) hearings on behalf of clients.

Retired US Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Robert Soltis -

Author: How to Handle Your Medicare Hearing

“Mr. Osentoski was one of the first non-attorney representatives to appear before me when I was an ALJ, and he stands head and shoulders above every other non-attorney representative. Mr. Osentoski…knows home health law and prepares thoroughly. His credibility is beyond reproach.”

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